Sunday, December 9, 2012

Surviving December: Larrimor's Windows

I'm one of the only people in my group of friends who works downtown. That seems odd to me, especially because in Boston it was unusual if someone did not work downtown. I've been downtown nearly every day for two and a half years now, and something I've truly enjoyed during my walks around town at lunch are the Larrimor's window displays. I've actually never thought to photograph these and document them, but they are normally truly bizarre. Their holiday offering, "It's Christmas in Pittsburgh and My True Love Gave to Me..." is a great example of why you should venture downtown more often. Goofiness abounds.

One view of a great city.

Two steep inclines.

Three Stanley Cups.

Four parking chairs.

Five golden rings (plus one).

Six Penguins Skatin.

Seven pickles picklin'.

Eight perogies fryin.' [sic]

Nine heads by Andy.

Ten gunbands snappin'.

Eleven Steelers chargin'.

Twelve I.C.'s chillin'. [sic]

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