Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wingharts: Back in Business (EvBetPGH December Survival)

Confession: I kind of hate the holidays. I'm the grinch in my group of friends and in my family. Skipping over everything between Halloween and New Year's Eve would be all right in my book. But I realize that is impossible and that the months of November and December are bound to happen EVERY GOSHDARN YEAR. Fortunately, I spent a chuck of November in Australia, which made that month come and go quite quick. Now, there's the pesky month of December to survive. 

My first EvBetPGH December Survival tip: Wingharts. Burgers. Beers. Whiskeys. 

Wingharts in Market Square had been closed for what was waaaaaay too long in my book for renovations. There was a rumor they'd be reopen the afternoon of my flight to Sydney, but they ended up reopening the day after I left. Though every fiber of my being wanted to go there for lunch on my first Monday back after my vacation, I told myself that waiting until Friday after work would be just the "treat yo self" reward I needed to dangle in front of my face like a carrot to get through a full week back. 

The wait? Definitely worth it.

The new Wingharts has the same amazing burgers and fries. But now they have a slightly expanded menu (though I doubt I will ever stray from my empty with extra cheddar medium well), a few more beer selections, a second floor with a bar, outdoor seating on the balcony, and a jukebox. The new Wingharts also has the same fun staff I've come to look forward to interacting with whenever I'm there. This place, without a doubt, is my favorite Pittsburgh spot for food and drink. And so, for the rest of the month, I will treat myself to a Wingharts night one night each week after work. 

I ushered in December on the last night of November with a lager drink, a cider drink, and a whiskey drink. I might have missed out on that vodka drink, but I really did have my fill of those when I was a freshman at Pitt. 

Stay tuned for more EvBetPGH December Survival tips. One way or another, I'll get myself to the end of 2012 in one piece.

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