Wednesday, November 28, 2012

That Time I Was Called a "Blogger" On WQED: What Makes Rick Tick

So. I was on television. A lot of people, hearing that, asked me if I also had been arrested. No. Thanks for all the votes of confidence though. 

Several months back, a producer from WQED contacted me and wanted to ask me some questions about Rick Sebak for a special about him to air in the fall. The interview was so long ago, I had almost forgotten it was actually going to air some day. And air it has. If you didn't catch the premiere on Monday night, you can watch What Makes Rick Tick on WQED's website

The special is pretty great, as is Rick Sebak, who is certainly worth thirty minutes of your time. 

(Psssst! When I watched this at home, I had to wrap aluminum foil around my crappy tv antenna because I don't actually get WQED on a reliable basis. Apparently, I missed the first three minutes while trying to figure out the best configuration of the antenna, myself, and my cats in the living room to get a steady feed. (My technology situation is...scary. And my cats never sit still when they're needed to.) And in that first three minutes? I declare my love of hot dogs. Just found that out tonight. While a friend was watching it. And said she liked what I said about hot dogs. And I said what about the hot dogs now? I am so proud.)

But in all seriousness and sincerity, I am so honored to have been a part of this celebration of one of Pittsburgh's treasures. Thank you, WQED! I'm going to try and get a new antenna soon, so that maybe I can watch you more often!

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