Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Knitting the Bridge

I'm happy to report that I completed my #funaday2013 project! I'll have details about where and when you can view the final product - along with other amazing #funaday2013 projects - in an upcoming post. Today, we cover the next project I'm set to tackle. Another involving knitting. I'm making a panel for Knit the Bridge!

The very beginning of my panel.

This is a larger undertaking than I initially realized, but I am determined to get it done. The deadline for panels is listed as Spring/Summer 2013. Let's hope it's more summer than spring. I've got a lot of knitting to do!

One good thing about winter: lots of nights with The West Wing and a big ol' ball of yarn.
Just how much larger of an undertaking? Let's do the math. The finished panel will be 34 in x 72 in - and that's a total of 2,448 sq in. As you can see below, I've finished one stripe in my panel already. I've got a second stripe in the works. The knitting I've completed so far totals 309 sq in.

Only 2,139 sq in to go... Wish me luck. I am definitely going to need it!

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  1. wow that's a lot of knitting to do! i participated in a scarf knit for a local breast cancer walk and it took me forever to get it done (i get tired of knitting/my hands hurt). good luck!