Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Seriously, Winter?

Seriously, winter?

Waking up this morning and finding this was a cruel way to start my day. When I went to bed, no snow had fallen. When I woke up, I knew I'd be busing it downtown today. And then I watched, all day long, as the sun came out and the snow all melted away. I could've biked home. Instead, I was back on the bus, staring out the window and dreaming of not being on the bus. 

This better have been the last of it. I know this isn't the last time I'll ever deal with winter. But right now I am really ready to be done with it for a while. I am looking forward to that really hot, sweaty day of summer right now.

I made my art debut last Friday!

I am slowly taking over more and more of my mom's hobbies and traits. But always with my own slight twist. Felt really strange to see things I made hanging in such a proper way. As proper as things get during an Unblurred, that is, but I don't need anything more proper than that.

After Roboto we checked out Ava for a drink while we waited for our table at BRGR.

I got the alcoholic milkshake I'd been dreaming of all week, and I got to enjoy it in the company of some mighty awesome folks. 

One final bit of housekeeping for the night: I HIT MY PEDAL FOR PENNIES FUNDRAISING GOAL! 

I'm turning 30 in a few months. I am so excited for it. One of the things I'm enjoying most about getting a bit older is being more cognizant of how important my friends and family are in my life. Thank you so much to everyone who donated to Pedal for Pennies. Thank you to everyone who takes the minutes out of their day to drop into my world for a bit. It really does mean a lot. 

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