Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend: Biking and Fire Making

When this publishes, I'll be at my desk daydreaming about my weekend. The past few days were wonderful. The keywords for the weekend were "biking" and "fire making," but we may as well add "beer" and "whiskey" in there for good measure. On Saturday, my friend Ross and I took an epic bike ride down the GAP. The section between the South Side and the Waterfront being open is awesome. There's been more bike traffic on that side of the trail coming off the Hot Metal Bridge than ever before. We took the trail 25 miles down to Dravo's Cemetery, where I've camped before and now plan to do so on a *hopefully* monthly basis. 

Saturday night involved a lot of beer. I met up with my friend Sam, who I met at Pitt, but who also lived in Boston at the same time as me. We drank flights of beer at the Beer Market on the North Shore. This place is all right with me. I got two flights (four samples each) and a draft that mixed Guinness and cider. Total = $26. You can also bring your own food into this place, because they don't serve any! (While laughing over Boston-times, Sam reminded me of the time we were booed by the ENTIRE Garden during a Bruins-Pens game when we got on the Jumbotron and held up a Terrible Towel, basically completely blocking the cute little girl Bruins fan the cameraman was meaning to showcase. Proud moment of my life right there.) After parting ways, the night continued for me in various Bloomfield establishments. It's not often I'm closing down bars anymore. Hockey playoffs certainly kick my liver into high-gear.

Sunday (after a much-needed double egg and cheese at Primanti's in order to regain human status) was another nice day for a bike ride, which I did with my friend Ben. We took the GAP, but only to McKeesport. From the ride I went directly to Shur-Save for a bottle of Aleve. My knees are feeling it today, for sure. That night we had a fire in his backyard. Friends gathered and we roasted hot dogs, made smores, and had beer and whiskey around the fire. Nothing in the world is better than waking up smelling like a bonfire.

This morning I hosted a brunch, which was a genius way of motivating myself to a) clean my apartment and b) go to the grocery store. I love cooking breakfast for people. I suck at being an adult in most things in "domestic" life, but making breakfast is something I take pride in. (Example of sucking at being an adult: my friend Kate hooked me up with ice because I had four ice trays in the freezer and they were all empty.) The day will end by having a pizza party with my brother and watching Arrested Development. I don't think I ever want Memorial Day Weekend to end.

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  1. I also manage the ice cube trays here at work. It's like people think a magincal ice elf does this. I am an ice elf.