Wednesday, May 1, 2013

National Bike Challenge Starts Today!

You know, I don't miss winter biking. Shocking, right? Avoiding patches of ice. Layering up every morning. Losing feeling in my fingers. And the mornings when the streets were covered in snow, which meant scrounging up $2.50 for a bus ride.

Now that we're officially into amazing biking weather, we're also officially into the National Bike Challenge. For the most and best information about the challenge, which starts today and runs through the end of September, visit BikePGH's site.

Two of more important things to know:
- Riding your bike and logging your miles earns you FREE BEERS at Over the Bar on the South Side.
- Cleveland has called us out. They actually think they can become the "Rust Belt Champion" this year. Help Pittsburgh kick butt and shut Cleveland up.

Because we're talking Cleveland, it's impossible for me NOT to share one of my favorite tourism videos:

Biking weather, hockey playoffs, more and more sunshine everyday... This is the life.

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