Monday, July 25, 2011

Everything Better Pittsburgh This Week - 7/25/11

Some great PGH stories from last week.

I live in Bloomfield, but Lawrenceville, Friendship, and Garfield are all just a few steps away. Some days I walk out the door, and I feel like I walk into a technicolor world. There are murals; there is graffiti. There is street art; there are houses bursting with personality. I live in a city that is exploding with color. And it feels like I exist in the epicenter of it. This article from Pop City is great. It gives a nice overview of some of the projects that are making Pittsburgh Pittsburgh.

This Monday past I went to Out of the Gutter at the Carnegie Library. Daniel McCloskey was the main presenter, and he talked about how he got started with comics, zines, and writing. He's started a writer's group/living space in Lawrenceville called Cyberpunk Apocolypse. Pop City's article highlights the group's Zine of the Month project.

I read this CNBC article, and went "no duh!"

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