Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saturday Night - Picnic in the Outfield

Saturday night, a few friends and I decided set up in the outfield of a Regent Square baseball field for a picnic. It was pretty spontaneous, as picnics go. Everyone brought a sammich of their own. I brought some odds and ends (whoopie pies!) to share. Corey and I biked over to Regent Square from Bloomfield. Corey led the way, and we ended up going down some really beautiful backstreets in Shadyside. BUT! We also had to tackle some major hills his way, one of which was pretty killer. I'm fairly certain that if Corey hadn't been with me, I'd have just dismounted and pushed. But, we prevailed, and were rewarded with two very nice downhill glides on S. Dallas and Forbes.

After we all gathered on sheets in right field (we figured if a real game started up, we were in right field, so we'd be about as useful as the kid who usually gets stuck in right field), we ate our foods and goofed around. Eventually, we got into a round of the Noun Game. We were probably so loud and obnoxious, but we having fun and putting on a good show for the S. Braddock passerbys.

Whoopie pies, made by me! Sadly, not PGH-themed. My food coloring may have been expired, and I can't bear the guilt of having poisoned my friends.

It might have been the perfect summer night.

Buffalo mozzarella from my trip to PennMac in the Strip that morning. Delicious.

After a second round of the Noun Game, we all parted ways for the night. Some of us on bike, some of us on foot, and some of us by car. But for a few hours, we were just a handful of kids, sitting on sheets in the outfield of a baseball field, hanging out and laughing on the perfect summer night.

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