Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pinball Wizard - Wildcard's Insert Coin to Play

I have a very obsessive nature. I get wildly excited about bizarre things and make no apologies for liking them as much as I do. When I was a kid, three things captured my attention like no other: Newsies, Genesis & Phil Collins, and The Who's Tommy. I used to have a VHS tape with a VH1 special on Tommy recorded onto it, and I watched it pretty much every day for what felt like years, but was more likely months. I'm slightly less obsessed now, but whenever I hear of events that involve pinball, my eyes perk up a bit and I'm inclined to find out more.

After the Gallery Crawl last Friday, we headed away from downtown toward Lawrenceville to check out Wildcard's Insert Coin to Play, an exhibit featuring pinball machines and pinball inspired art.

First off, I love Wildcard. Every time I walk in, I want to buy everything. It's almost dangerous how up my alley 95% of their merchandise is (the 5% is baby-related and that will never be relevant to my interests). I resisted picking anything up and taking it home with me on Friday, but I know I need to go back and make mine some pretty awesome things I saw (a zombie-inspired map of PGH, a card with people biking through the air over the PGH skyline).

We played one of the pinball machines and had our own mini-tournament. Stupidly, we didn't realize that the machines were playing for free, so we put $2 in quarters into the machine. Oh well! Hopefully they use our $2 for a good cause. It was a lovely way to wrap up a Friday night in Pittsburgh.

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