Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Read All About It: Assemble Daily News

If you're a follower of Eric Lidji's Ongoing History of Pittsburgh, you may have already caught your sneak peek about what's about to hit Penn Ave's Assemble gallery this Friday:

The project, devised and executed by Eric, is also best described by Eric. Here's my favorite part of the description: Assemble Daily News aims to be a legitimate news operation, meaning it will report on actual events in an accurate and timely manner. But it won't be a conventional news operation. Instead of covering organizations, zoning or crime, it will report on moments, specifically the enlightening, interesting and revealing moments celebrated on this [The Ongoing History of Pittsburgh] site. Because these tiny moments are sometimes too fragile for words alone, Assemble Daily News will use drawings, notes, and a gigantic map to piece together a picture of daily life. 

Your first chance to check out Assemble Daily News is Friday, September 7, 2012, during Unblurred. Here are four more of my favorite sneak peeks that Eric has leaked on his site:

I can't wait to see the finished/in-progress project on Friday night. Come out and support a great guy and a great venue on Friday night. And, who knows, maybe you'll become a news story over the next month if you're in the Friendship/Bloomfield area. 

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