Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby Spider Plants: Take if You Promise to Love and Care for It

Happy Labor Day!

This morning I woke up on Canadian ground. (We were camping; I didn't just sleep in a city park in Toronto or something.) I'm not sure why I'm sharing that fact, but there you have it. 

Sign says: FREE Spider Plants / Please take me if you promise to love and care for it.
On my walk around the neighborhood last weekend, I came across some spider plants for the taking on Evaline. I've been trying to cultivate a green thumb of my own. My dad is like a plant whisperer or something. He can make all sorts of things grow. I've been getting better with plants. I failed with fruits and veggies again this summer. I don't think I'm going to try them again until I have the space for raised beds or a actual garden in the ground. So now my efforts will be focused on houseplants, which is why I was so excited to come across these spider plants. 

I'm going to do my best to be a loving and caring owner of these spider plants, but I've failed once before (which I blame on a combination of two factors: a) it was a spider plant from Ikea, and I haven't had much luck with any of the houseplants I've brought home from there, and b) one of my cats pretty much ate the entire thing one day).

Baby spider plants in teapots, toddler ficus trees from cuttings my dad gave me.

I cleaned up my balcony last weekend when I picked these up. I had let my tomatoes, herbs, and strawberries die out and dry out. Got rid of those and set up a little mini houseplant garden. Hoping that with the coolerish temps and lessening hours of sun per day these plants will get little growth spurts before coming inside until late spring

And for good measure, here's what I've got going on plant-wise inside.
Fingers crossed I don't totally kill these spider plants. I want to make my neighbors on Evaline proud!

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