Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love Stinks! And Inks! Making Valentines at Commonwealth Press

Screen printing and letterpress are two means of making things that I've always been fascinated by and have admired, but I had never given either a go with my own two hands. When I saw a tweet from Commonwealth Press announcing their Love Stinks Valentines card printing party, I was immediately interested. After trying to find a buddy to sign up with me, I decided to buy a ticket regardless of whether or not anyone came with me. This is 2012! I'm trying new things and if I have to try them alone, well, that is something I'm going to try and do.

Cards sitting out to dry in the Commonwealth Press warehouse.

I arrived and was greeted almost immediately by Dan, owner of Commonwealth Press. We talked for a bit while waiting for the fashionably late and he answered my questions about his shop/store and screen printing. Though I felt a little nervous and anxious having shown up without a pal, Dan was really welcoming - as were the guys and gals stationed around the warehouse to help with screen printing and letterpress. After the initial nerves subsided, I was bouncing from station to station chatting and creating. Because I am an excellent journalist/blogger, I took a couple very fuzzy photos of the warehouse.

Dan (in red plaid), owner of Commonwealth Press, and Lisa (also in red plaid, but with hat), owner of Sapling Press.

I had a blast learning how to use the screen printing and letterpress stuff. I got to drink some beer, have a few cookies, and make a ton of awesome Valentines (that I still haven't given out, so - friends - expect me to use these throughout the year for your birthdays). Here are some of my favorites that I am proud to have made with my own two hands:

(Kate, Zack, and Mullen: those are your Christmas presents in the background. Just FYI.)

When I left, I said goodbye to Dan and thanked him for hosting a fun and creative night like this. I also hinted at wanting a similar party for Halloween. Not enough people are giving each other Halloween cards, and that is a problem we really should fix.

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