Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Penn Ave for the Newly in Town: Unblurred February 2012

A couple weeks ago, my good friend Pam asked me if I would act as a PGH Ambassador and take a few of her friends around - one of whom had just moved here. I was tickled to have been considered a worthy PGH guide and happily accepted. Fortunately, the planning of activities for Friday night was super easy as it was the first Friday of the month, meaning Unblurred was happening just up the street. Free art, free beer, and a Spak pizza or two were undoubtedly in our future.

Our first stop, as my Unblurred experiences tend to always go, was at Modern Formations. The new show, "The Word Made Flesh" was right up my alley. Skeletons and internal organs painted/printed onto old Bible pages adorned the walls. I was instantly jealous and started to brainstorm a way to make the skeletons a reality in my apartment somewhere.

After a quick stop at Most Wanted Fine Art (where Mr. Eric Lidji's Reading Allowed event happens on February 22!) we entered Assemble for a fun and interactive show ¡CREAR Y COMUNICAR! where we drew self-portraits, made a flag, and sketched out our favorite things to do every day.

My self-portrait. On the back of which, I was instructed to write down a wish.

Funny and true!

One of my guests drew the one on blue paper.

This one made me smile.

The last activity we did we made a flag, for what would presumably my country? An orange stripe, a dinosaur, and a bike. That's about all a country needs to be successful.

There is no limit to the amount of pleasure I get from charming art like this.

I believe my guests for the evening enjoyed the event, and came away with a nice little impression of one of my favorite regular Pittsburgh events.

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