Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Idea of Vacation: The Great Allegheny Passage and The C&O Canal

Right now I am sitting on my couch, eating a caprese salad, watching the Vampire Diaries (don't judge; it's perfectly mindless, and work has been crazy, so this is just necessary right now). In 76 hours, I will have hopefully already have set up camp and made a fire and started cooking up some noodles. I'm leaving Saturday for Washington D.C., but I won't get there til the following Friday. Some people fly, some people take trains, some people drive. I'm going to bike.

For six days, this will be my home.

This is my idea of vacation: ride my bike all day, camp, ride my bike all day, camp, ride my bike all day, camp, and so on. Granted, I've been on some pretty strange vacations; not many people choose to spend Memorial Day weekend in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Moose Mountain Provincial Park. But, I'm excited for my sojourn into the woods. To be disconnected for a little bit is what I really need.

So! What exactly is it that I'll be doing? One of those surprising little treats about moving back is the bike trail that starts right in Pittsburgh's backyard and goes ALL THE WAY to Washington, D.C. From Homestead, PA, to Cumberland, MD, you ride The Great Allegheny Passage. Then the trail switches over to The C&O Canal, which takes you to the Visitor's Center in Georgetown. Last year I rode The GAP from Boston, PA, (yeah, I know) to Cumberland, so I already know a little of what to expect. But once I leave Cumberland behind, I'm back into some unknown territory.

When I get back, I'll have plenty to share about the trip and the trail. If you want to give yourself an informative preview, find out more on The Great Allegheny Passage and The C&O Canal.

"See you" in a couple weeks. That is, if I am not eaten by a bear or struck by lightening or something like that.

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