Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sitting in the Splash Zone: A Saturday Night on the South Side

A couple weeks ago, my brother texted me. Here is the conversation we had (with some unnecessary information removed):

Jeff: Musical of the dead tickets for 22 on groupon. May 4th and 5th. Wanna go Saturday?
Allison: What is that exactly?
Jeff: I would assume a musical about zombies.
Allison: Haha ok. Let's go Saturday.
Jeff: My treat.
Allison: Woooooo hooooooo!
Jeff: It's about time right?

Our plans were set: Jeff would pick me up in Bloomfield with my bike. We'd drive to Allentown, where he lives, and hang out at his place before walking down to East Carson for dinner, a musical about zombies, and beverages at assorted places. I don't spend many nights down on the South Side, so I was prepared for a raucous night out with my little brother.

After giving me the tour of his place, we started our descent down Mount Washington. It was so beautiful out and the city looked pretty great popping out from behind the trees during out walk. The farther we walked, the more jealous I got of my brother's oft-taken path to food and beer: two things us Rowlands love. I would come to find out, much much later into the night, that I wouldn't be so jealous of the path back.

My stomach was audibly growling, but our destination was Winghart's. I hadn't been to the South Side location yet, and I was beyond pleased with my experience. Having become a little bit of a regular at the Market Square location, I was worried that the luster that comes along with that designation would be lost in the new place. But, we walked in and Ruth Ann, arguably the family's favorite server, welcomed and took care of us. We watched the lead-up to the Kentucky Derby. Jeff and I picked horses. I picked based on outfit; Jeff picked based on name. And of course, because my brother has some pretty insane dumb luck sometimes, he won. After the race we watched the beginning of Jurassic Park III. I could not have asked for a better environment in which to eat the most delicious burger and fries.

And then! It was time for ZOMBIE MUSICAL. Because Jeff orded the tickets through Groupon, our tickets came with a copy of the soundtrack, a beer coozy, AND A PONCHO. To wear in the SPLASH ZONE. The show was totally awesome. It was funny, ridiculous, gross, and inappropriate. I spent a lot of time with my jaw-dropped. Big, huge, gigantic thank you to my brother for making this happen. I truly loved it.

Post-zombie musical, the only appropriate thing to do would be drinks at Jekyl and Hyde. I hadn't been to this place in forever, but I used to love to go with my friend J.P. in college. It's a Halloween bar, and I wish it were closer to home, because I'd be there all the time. We drank, and I tried to get Jeff to dance, but he wouldn't. He still a bit of blood splatter from head to toe, so I don't think he was too into the idea of standing out any further. I texted J.P. just to say "Hey! Guess where I am!" and he - not too oddly enough - was just turning onto Carson, so he ended up meeting us for some drinks.

There was talk of Primanti's, but around 1 a.m., we started our way up the hill toward Allentown. The hill was brutal, but, like a T-Rex, I just kept falling forward. Jeff tried unsuccessfully to hitch a ride to the top, but we made it on our own two sets of feet.

I crashed on my brother's couch and woke up with the sun the next morning. I gathered my things and hopped on my bike and very wobbily made it down Arlington to East Carson and then along the trail back to the East End.

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