Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pedal Pale Ale Keg Ride 2012

This morning (I'm writing this late on Saturday night. I just came back from Art All Night and feel awake, so here we are.) I woke up with twenty minutes to spare before I was supposed to meet Carrie and Corey for BikePGH and East End Brewery's Pedal Pale Ale Keg Ride. This was my second year riding along with hundreds of other PGH bike-riders to an undisclosed location for the first pint of Pedal Pale Ale of the year.

As we biked from Friendship and Gross to the new East End Brewery location on Frankstown Avenue, I thought about how we were three individuals, biking toward a conglomeration of other individual bike riders. Pretty soon we were a massive group of people on bikes, going slowly through city streets, but flying through Highland Park in a way that made me take mental note of how rewarding going up the Negley hill can be.

Moving in that massive group was fun, but a little nerve-wracking. I rarely get nervous while riding in the city anymore. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I did feel nervous on my bike on a regular ride. Today though, I got nervous! I kept envisioning losing focus for a couple seconds and causing a huge pile up. Fortunately, that did not happen! We made it safe and sound. (If not just a little chilled to the bone.)

The mystery destination was Station Street Dogs! (Way more awesome than ending at Penn Brewery last year and being kinda far from home...) But by the time we got there, the line for the beer was at least 300 deep. We were cold and hungry, so we decided to skip our free pint (our registration fees went toward BikePGH and an autism organization) and headed to Pamela's in Shadyside to refuel on eggs and potatoes and cheese and bread.

This is an event I would love to keep doing every year. It's a great event and a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. Even though it was cold and a familiar Pittsburgh gray, it was nice feeling a part of something moving around as though connected by a single mind.

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