Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PGH Beautiful: Dinos, May 2012

Guys! I have been finding excellent dinos around town. I think one of my goals this summer is to go on dino expeditions around Pittsburgh by bike and by foot. I know where a lot of the statue dinos are located around town, I just need to make a plan to go snap pictures of them. I also want to keep my eyes out for cool dino graffiti or signage or anything. (Mental note: Look to see if there is a book that connects PGH and dinos. There very well should be considering the Carnegie Museum and all!) I am going to just go with the whole "dino obsession" phase I am clearly entering into right now. It's nearly summer, and that's when I feel most like a kid stuck in an adult's world.

So! Here are some dinos I saw:

Dino outside of the Carnegie Science Center near the North Shore bike trail. Those are molecules or genes or something science-y like that?
I may have shown this already, but I'm being too lazy to go back and check. I found this guy hanging in The Park House in Deutschtown way back when football was still on the TV.
And here is a special dino brought to you by Mr. Andrew Mulkerin. Thanks, Andy!
If you've got a dino you'd like to share, or want to send me on a wild goose chase searching for one, send me an email: everythingbetterpgh@gmail.com

Oh and if you're interested, there's this. Looking forward to reading that before the end of the year...

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