Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gender Roles - OR - Finding Quiet Time in the Cathedral of Learning

The other day, I needed some major me-time. I had a lot going on up there in my brain. In college, whenever that happened, I would head right for the Cathedral of Learing and tuck myself away in a corner and figure out whatever it was I needed to figure out. And now, ten years later, I found myself instinctively heading for the good ol' "drunk compass" thinking I could get the necessary thinking done and take some photos of the Cathedral and its rooms all decked out for Christmas. However, the Commons room was blocked off for an event and the Nationality Rooms were being used in some seemingly weird scavenger hunt organized by the Boy Scouts? I don't really know!

So, before I found myself a corner to hide in for a while, I saw these windows, and knew they needed to be shared.

Girls like: birds, tennis and gardening.

Boys like flying kites, running, playing baseball, and fishing.

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