Monday, December 5, 2011

PGH T-Shirt Collection: December 2011

Later today, I'll be boarding a plane in Boston and returning home to Pittsburgh, by way of the Pens-Bruins game, which I'll literally go to right from the airport. I used to spend a lot of time in the air when I lived in New England. The flight from Boston to Pittsburgh is quick, and once JetBlue opened regular flights between the two cities, it was also fairly cheap. When my return flight sent me back to Boston, I stopped by the shops in the Pittsburgh airport and usually returned back with a new Pittsburgh t-shirt. I've realized I can't help but continue to add t-shirts to what is now an official collection.

T001: Pittsburgh Neighborhoods
Designer: Ape Made
Where Bought: Handmade Arcade 2011

T002: Malkin I'm Score
Designer: UNKNOWN
Where Bought: Goodwill, South Side (good eye, Corey!)

T003: Canadian Steelers Fan
Designer: UNKNOWN
Where Bought: Outside of Roland's in the Strip District

(ed. note: I'm not Canadian. Just wish I were somehow both Canadian and Burgher.)

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