Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Run, Kate, Run!

One of my favorite people and a most inspiring friend is planning to run her first marathon in 2012. She's got a few half-marathons under her belt already, but this here is a big challenge: preparing to run 26.2 miles and gearing up for it during a Pittsburgh winter. In addition to all that running, she's also raising money for The Pittsburgh Promise, an organization that offers scholarships to students in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Click on the link below to donate and if you see this girl running up a Pittsburgh hill over the next few months, give her a cheer and a thumbs up!

(Me? I still absolutely ABHOR running. Seriously. Can't name an activity I would rather do less. But, I am toying with the idea of participating in this.)


  1. Thank you, A-Row! Kids going to college is good for kids, and it's good for our city.

    I'm also totally down for zombie obstacle course race in September.

  2. As a runner or a zombie? If you think you could train me to run a 5K, I would run with you. We could escape zombies together!

  3. A-Row, you can totally be ready to rock a 5k by fall. TOTALLY.