Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Construction Junction: Ideas for a PGH Home

Now that I'm back in Pittsburgh, approaching my second anniversary as a boomerang, I want to buy a house. I'm still way far away from the day that dream becomes a glimpse of a reality, but thinking about it helps me get closer to that day by saving more and spending less. For the first time in my life I'm working toward a much larger goal, which makes me know I'm definitely home.

A couple weeks ago, Allie asked me if I wanted to go to Construction Junction with her on Saturday morning. I'd never been there, but wanted to see what it was about in the hopes that I could get some ideas or inspiration.

Lots of doors. Not too expensive. A cool project - especially for walls that might not good for hanging framed pieces, might be to fix up a few of these doors and paint them fun colors or boring colors or whatever and then hang the framed pieces on the wooden doors, leaning them up against the wall.

Lots of toilets. One item on my "dream house" wish list? A Pittsburgh toliet.

Railings from the Mellon Arena! I have no idea what I could use these for, but they weren't too expensive and the Pittsburgh dork in me is tickled by the idea of having a my own piece of Pittsburgh.

I do know what I could use a giant chandelier for! I can't think of anything that a giant chandelier wouldn't make better!

I hope that in time owning a home becomes a reality. Until then, I'll keep brainstorming and recording ideas. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be documenting the purchasing and fixing up of my first Pittsburgh home.

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