Friday, March 2, 2012

Hot Dog! Station Street reopens in East Liberty

The other night a few friends and I went to the recently opened/reopened Station Street Hot Dogs behind the new Target in East Liberty. I'm not the kind to order a crazy hot dog with crazy toppings. I think I've made my sense of taste very clear of late, so believe me when I tell you I have my hot dogs with ketchup. And that's it. So I can't speak for anything regarding hot dogs besides whether or not I want to come back and eat another hot dog from that place. Franktuary? Love it. Wiener World? Went once and I'll never go back.

The verdict on Station Street?

Will definitely return! And foresee many summer nights ending with biking to get hot dogs and eat at one of the tables outside of Station Street and then head to BRGR for alcohol milkshakes, or to Kelly's for beers on the tiki patio, or to Oh Yeah! for endless ice cream possibilities.

They also have this awesome sign on their men's bathroom door. What more do you need out of a hot dog shop?

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