Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Bike A Lot. Read About It on Pedal for Pennies

So, we’ve covered the fact that we’re currently having the best weather ever in Pittsburgh right now, right? Right. I thought I might’ve mentioned it, but just wanted to make sure my bases were all covered. (Opening Day is right around the corner after all…) With the influx of lovely days, I’ve been on my bike way more than I thought I would be by this time of year. The other day I rode home while a lightning storm was over the city, and I crossed the 500-mile mark for the year before I got back to Gross Street. I’ve been writing about my biking adventures on the Pedal for Pennies blog. For now, all biking-related things will be collected there, but when one that warrants additional attention comes to pass, I’ll link to it here.

Here you can read about and see some nice pictures of a nice ride Carrie I took on St. Patrick’s Day. For the record: I wore an orange t-shirt from Canada (GO BC LIONS!) on this ride. I stuck out in the seas of green we were momentarily caught in during our rides through the South Side and Station Square. Enjoy!

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