Monday, June 25, 2012

EvBetPGH 21 Questions: Eric Lidji

Hello! Welcome to EvBetPGH 21 Questions. Modeled off of New York Magazine's 21 Questions, this idea was suggested to me by my friend Allie. So, full credit to her for that. Enjoy!

Meet Eric Lidji.

Eric is a writer, cartoonist, adventurer, and all-around awesome dude. We first met at WPTS-FM in college. I trained him to be a radio DJ superstar. I always remember he played Grandaddy and Yeah Yeah Yeahs a lot. Eric is one of my favorite people to adventure around the city with. And he documents his adventures and thoughts and words on The Ongoing History of Pittsburgh. He's currently releasing a serialized novel through his site. So make sure to catch up on the first few already released chapters and enjoy some excellent writing throughout your Pittsburgh summer.

Q1: What is your name?
Eric Lidji

Q2: What is your nickname (/@twitter/instagram/etc.)?

Q3: What is your occupation?
I'm a writer.

Q4: How long have you lived in Pittsburgh?
For 13 years, discontinuously. 

Q5: How did you end up in Pittsburgh?
In middle school, I was given the choice of going to a boarding school in Houston or a boarding school in Pittsburgh. That night, I dreamt about a swimming pool in Houston filled with moldy leaves. So I chose Pittsburgh.

Q6: Who is your favorite Pittsburgher?
As far as notable names go, my favorite living Pittsburgher is probably WPXI anchorman David Johnson and my favorite deceased Pittsburgher is painter and Carnegie Tech teacher Samuel Rosenberg.

Q7: What is the best meal in Pittsburgh?
My favorite at the moment is red curry at Thai Cuisine with a side of fresh spring rolls.

Q8: What is your favorite yummy treat in Pittsburgh?
Sweet: Chocolate soft serve at Twister's in Bloomfield. Savory: dollar samosas at Kohli's in Oakland. Baked: the apricot pastry at La Gourmandine in Lawrencecille. Drink: Natrona Bottling Co. ginger beer.

Q9: What was your first job in Pittsburgh?
I ran the front desk at the Schenley Park Golf Course (now Bob O'Connor Golf Course).

Q10: What is your favorite season in Pittsburgh? 
Autumn. That's when the city is most beautiful and most comfortable.

Q11: What is your favorite Pittsburgh neighborhood?
Usually whichever one I've explored most recently. I've spent the most time in Squirrel Hill though.

Q12: You have to choose one - and just one: Steelers, Penguins, or Pirates?
Probably the Penguins. I didn't know anything about hockey when I moved here. I learned the game by listening to it on the radio. This was the year Mario Lemieux returned.

Q13: Where do you go to be alone in Pittsburgh?
Well I can't very well give THAT information out, now can I? So I'll just say that Riverview Park is high recommended for East Enders looking fo an anonymous stroll.

Q14: What makes someone a Pittsburgher?
According to the unwritten community bylaws, I believe you have to have lived here longer than both next-door neighbors to be considered a local. Psychographically, it's caring deeply about relatively modest ambitions.

Q15: What's your favorite building/bridge/landmark/statue/etc? 
The Highland Building/The 16th Street Bridge/any World War I monument.

Q16: What's your favorite mural/street art thing/graffiti tag?
Currently: the cross stitching stapled onto telephone poles in Bloomfield. Historically: the protractors.

Q17: Who is your favorite Pittsburgh mascot/costumed character?
The anthropomorphized library card that shows up at Carnegie Library functions. Or Sauerkraut Saul.

Q18: What is your favorite Pittsburgh fact?
That there used to be a movie theatre and taxpayer-funded night club at the airport.

Q19: What do you love most about Pittsburgh?
That it contains as many surprises as a much larger city.

Q20: What do you hate what to change most about Pittsburgh?
The racial inequality and the lack of good public transportation.

Q21: Pittsburgh burns down. Where do you go?
I pitch my tent on the ashy remains. Or Anchorage. 

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