Friday, June 15, 2012

An Official "Unofficial" Start to Summer: Pirates Beat Kansas City b/w Boyz II Men in the Steel City

A few times this week, I've been walking with someone and felt that wonderful feeling in the air that says "summer is here!" and I've repeated the silent announcement aloud. I've been met, more than once, with the argument of "well, technically it's not summer yet." Yes. I know. I know the technical start date for summer is June 21. But if we take that as an unbreakable rule, my birthday would fall in the spring, and I am a definite and undeniable summer kid. 

Listen. It's summer. Deal with it.

And a great way to kick off the official "unofficial" start to summer? Watching a Pirates game on a cloudless evening and then sticking around afterward for a special performance by Boyz II Men.

Yes. That's right. Boyz II Men. 

No ballpark, no matter where, has as beautiful a view as PNC Park.

My dad and I spent the majority of the game in the standing room section behind homeplate. We actually ended up with a coupe of our hockey game acquaintances, which was a nice surprise. Also a nice surprise was being a section removed from the craft beer stand, where I purchased many Bitter America cans.

I'm so mad that I missed the June 8 t-shirt. Someone make a time machine, please!

The Pirates scored their five runs in a single inning, which was exciting and concentrated and much enjoyed by all. I love Pirate games for the familiarity. No matter how long it's been since my last visit to PNC, it always feels exciting to see the Pierogies race, watch the ridiculous lewdness of the Pirate Parrot, and sit and stare at the skyline (especially during a night game when you get to watch the sunset too) and wonder how somewhere could be so perfect. (Okay, well maybe that last one is just me, but I suspect there are a number of other skyline-admirers/ponderers out there.)

After the game ended, the field was readied for what many believed (myself included, to be honest) was the real entertainment for the night:

Yes. Boyz II Men. My dad and I went back up to our assigned seats and joined two friends of mine for the rest of the night. Boyz II Men played the hits, and, of course, saved Motown Philly for last, so we all went out on a high note of dancing and singing.

Roses were tossed out into the crowd for "I'll Make Love to You."

The next day, I met up with Allie on the South Side for our first softball game. It was a scrimmage. And we (the whole team) was laughably terrible. Which means we should have a good fun time playing ball and drinking beers throughout the summer. Normally our games will be on the North Side, but today's scrimmage was played atop Mt. Washington. I can now check an item off my Pittsburgh to-do list, that I didn't even know existed as a desire until I was right there doing it.

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