Thursday, June 21, 2012

You Only Turn 29 Once, Pt. 1

As happens every June 17, I turned one year older. As mentioned in my previous post, I'm not shy about celebrating this fact. This year, I took the opportunity to celebrate in a couple major and a few minor (but still completely excellent) ways. Let's recap the first half. Shall we?

First, a big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to CONFETTI at Brillobox on Thursday. A seriously awesome time was had by me, and from what I can recollect, was had by many on the floor. Next CONFETTI is in August; stay tuned to EvBetPGH for more details on that.

After a sluggish Friday, Carrie and I spent the day at Idlewild Park on Saturday. Yup. Idlewild Park. Voted Best Kid's Amusement Park in the World by...someone. Carrie read the sign and might still remember. Anyways. Being that it has that very distinct distinction, two late-twenty-somethings unaccompanied by any minors was a little odd-seeming. We didn't care tough; it was my birthday - my 29th! - and I wanted to feel like a kid. (I'd say "a kid again," but I sort of always feel kid-like.)

Our first stop was to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. 

King Friday wanted us to invite everyone in the Neighborhood to the Castle Hug and Song. Yes. It sounds as awesome as you're thinking. We rode a trolley and met all the familiar faces and in unison we repeated "Come along, come along, to the Castle Hug and Song!" This is a prime example of why it was a little out of the ordinary for Carrie and me to be at Idlewild.

After leaving the Neighborhood, Carrie and I decided it was time for rides. Of which we rode two. The second is pictured below. It was an inverted Rotor (my favorite fallen Kennywood ride) and it was terrifyingly fun.

Our next stop was Storybook Forest.

If you've never been to Idlewild and experienced Storybook Forest for yourself, it is basically a collection of Mother Goose stories brought to life in a little village-like setting. You wander around a path (stay off the grass, people - they're serious about that; there's a silly "stay off the grass" sign every four or five feet) visiting all the story character's houses. Here are some of the highlights:

That's not Grandma!
As a kid, Humpty Dumpty scared the crap out of me.

Piggy! (Do we all understand that this is a Tyler Kennedy reference by now?)

In Storybook Forest, I made a chicken friend.

We also went to SoakZone, but not one needs to see photos of that. Trust me. I'm doing you a favor. But going down a few waterslides at the end of the afternoon was very enjoyable.

We drove back to the city blasting Weezer Blue with the windows down. But our day wasn't over yet.

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  1. I can't remember if we discussed this or not, but Storybook Forest-type parks were once fairly common roadside attractions. There actaully used to be one across from Conneaut as well, but it's was removed prior to our time. But they put up a campground in its place, and there were still many remnants scattered about when my family frequented in the mid '80s. I'm told that's still the case.