Tuesday, June 26, 2012

EvBetPGH 21 Questions: J. Pitts

Hello! Welcome to EvBetPGH 21 Questions. Modeled off of New York Magazine's 21 Questions, this idea was suggested to me by my friend Allie. So, full credit to her for that. Enjoy!

Meet J. Pitts. (He's on the left.)

J. Pitts hosts a podcast called the J. Pitts Show with his friend and roommate (at least, I believe they're still roomies) DJ Nice Rec (he's on the right). We met (just like Eric Lidji and I did) at WPTS-FM while at Pitt. Unlike Eric or me, J. Pitts stayed put in Pittsburgh after graduation, solidifying his footing in our excellent town. I've had the opportunity and pleasure of attending a J. Pitts Show podcast recording and recommend the podcast to anyone, even non-fans of hip hop. J. Pitts and DJ Nice Rec are hilarious and fun, and they're adding a great bit of flair to Pittsburgh.

Q1: What is your name?
Justin James William Pitts

Q2: What is your nickname (/@twitter/instagram/etc.)?
Everyone calls me J. Pitts. Some people think that I am being clever because I live in Pittsburgh, but that is really my last name! My twitter is JdotPitts.

Q3: What is your occupation?
I am an Analyst in Reporting and Analysis at EDMC. I create reports that show people whether they are doing their job effective or not.

Q4: How long have you lived in Pittsburgh?
11 years in August.

Q5: How did you end up in Pittsburgh?
I went to the University and stuck around. It's funny, because the vast majority of the people that came from outside of Pittsburgh packed up and went home after college. I guess I am weird like that. I am originally from New York City, but moved around a lot in my childhood.

Q6: Who is your favorite Pittsburgher?
I thought long and hard about this question and can't really come up with any. Well, Rick Sebak because I enjoy his films.

Q7: What is the best meal in Pittsburgh?
The Tandoori Chicken Dinner at Salem's. I also really like the Lamb Shawarma dinner. I usually go to the one in the Strip, but that's because it is closer. The one in Oakland is cool, too.

Q8: What is your favorite yummy treat in Pittsburgh?
I don't like sweets, so I can't really answer this question. 

Q9: What was your first job in Pittsburgh?
In college, I worked in the computer labs. I would sit there and try to look busy while I surfed the internet until my shift was over. It was the best job ever. My first "real" job post-college was working at a place called Environmental Safety Solutions in Robinson Township. ESS built and installed machines that removed asbestos in postal facilities. My job was basically to take notes at meetings. I also spent the vast majority of the surfing of the internet at the job. The commute sucked, though. That place is now out of business. Go figure.

Q10: What is your favorite season in Pittsburgh? 
It really depends. I mean, if winter is going to be WINTER and there is snow to go with the uncomfortable cold, then I'll take winter. Some of my fondest memories were the first few days of Snowmageddon. This is an unpopular choice, I know! Otherwise, I like the fall, I love the leaves falling on the ground.

Q11: What is your favorite Pittsburgh neighborhood?
Lawrenceville all day! It just keeps getting better and better!

Q12: You have to choose one - and just one: Steelers, Penguins, or Pirates?
The Steelers. Man, it's hard being a Pirates fan. Growing up in New York and being a fan of mostly New York sports until recently, I am not accustomed to the amount of disappointment the Buccos fans have to endure. I am not too big of a fan of hockey.

Q13: Where do you go to be alone in Pittsburgh?
There isn't anywhere I go to be "alone" per se; no Fortress of Solitude for me. Well, outside of my room. But if I want to get out of the house, I am a big fan of having a drink at Hambones alone occasionally.

Q14: What makes someone a Pittsburgher?
I think you just have to have an effection for this city and want to be here. This city isn't the biggest or most "happening" place on the planet, but it has its own unique charm. I don't think being a Pittsburgher has anything to with being a Steelers fan or saying "dahn" instead of "down" or anything like that.

Q15: What's your favorite building/bridge/landmark/statue/etc? 
There is that Virgin Mary Shrine in deep South Oakland. When I was in college, I used to get intoxicated and go to that place all of the time. Wow, that is not a PC answer, is it? [Ed. note: Don't worry, J. Pitts, I used to do this fairly frequently myself. It's just that kind of place.]

Q16: What's your favorite mural/street art thing/graffiti tag?
I am woefully ignorant of writing in this city. I will say that I have been a big fan of Saer/Sayer.

Q17: Who is your favorite Pittsburgh mascot/costumed character?
Steely McBeam all day and forever! The Steelers were CRAZY for doing away with him! Haha!

Q18: What is your favorite Pittsburgh fact?
Hmm... I'll go with Jonas Salk and how he discovered and developed the polio vaccine right here at Pitt. After that, I like that we were the ones to come up with the "Pittsburgh Salad" which is so ironic to me because we found out a way to actually make a salad unhealthy.

Q19: What do you love most about Pittsburgh?
The close-knit group of friends/community. I never really had that growing up. I guess that's why I have stuck around so long.

Q20: What do you hate what to change most about Pittsburgh?
The public transportation. It's crazy that fares keep getting jacked up and then things like the T don't serve much of a purpose.

Q21: Pittsburgh burns down. Where do you go?
Back to New York City. I think about going back every so often and having a "New York Year"... But life is so comfortable here! Plus, I don't want to live in poverty!

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