Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Best Summer Camp Ever: Summer Dreamers Explore Downtown Pittsburgh

When I was a young 'lil yinzer growing up in the South Hills, my parents sent me to a few day camps in the summer. Mostly we made crappy tie-dye t-shirts and took stale bread to the Game Preserve in South Park to feed the ducks and check out the bison. For the most part, these memories have faded and it feels like that time was spent just idling away the days of summer. (Except for I still have the fascination with the bison at the Game Preserve, and I try to visit them at least once or twice a year.)

So reading this Pop City article about the Summer Dreamers made me extremely extremely extremely jealous.

Basically, these kids got to explore downtown Pittsburgh through a series of scavenger hunts set up for them by their summer camp organizers. They learned about the history of downtown, saw some of the most colorful and interesting murals and sculptures, and walked the streets figuring out clues to keep their discoveries coming.

Like I said, extremely extremely extremely jealous.

I've only recently - as a 28-year-old - started to discover downtown Pittsburgh, which is mainly a result of a job in the Oliver Building and being required to show up for work five days a week. Downtown is ripe for exploring; it's a shame there's no summer camp for adults like Summer Dreamers. I'd be first in line for such a venture.


  1. You know, I've been thinking about making some sort of scavenger hunt/fun maps and leaving them around the city. I need more hours in the day.