Wednesday, September 7, 2011

There's So Much Green: The Bloomfield Hollows

After throwing Marlana onto the rivers and filling her full of burgers, I took her on a walk through one of Pittsburgh's hidden gems: The Bloomfield Hollows. We met up with Eric and set out to explore what the Hollows are hiding.

Before we even made our way into the Hollows, Bloomfield-proper offered up this oddity: A giant crab on the facade of a building. Excellent.

The city steps leading down into the Hollows.

I've walked down to the Hollows via this staircase many times, but never once did I catch this little set of chairs. I love these little surprises.

Red truck bolted down to the edge of the Hollows steps.

There was so so so much awesome graffiti down in the Hollows. It was almost overwhelming how many things I wanted to examine and photograph. There were so many creepy/awesome graffiti faces. I was in love with them all.

There were also a bunch of little bikes like this set here.

Yup. It is indeed.

Normally, slugs totally gross me out. When I see them on the sidewalk, I seriously want to throw up and run away. But these 'lil slugs are kind of adorable.

At the end of the Hollows you wind up snaking through the back of the old Iron City Brewery, and you can glimpse inside one of the abandoned warehouses. Was very tempted to sneak under the fence for some urban adventuring. But who knows when my last tetanus shot was?

While we were walking through the Hollows Marlana remarked at how green it was and how lush of an area we were in despite being within the city. All cities, including Pittsburgh, have public parks that offer their denizens lush acres of green. But the Hollows are where green and graffiti meet, making it one of my favorite places to explore and wander and wonder.

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