Friday, September 30, 2011

Hidden PGH: Panther Hollow

One of the things that charms me most about Pittsburgh are the hidden places that are easy to get to, lovely to visit, and beautiful to explore. In college I used to wander down into Panther Hollow at night (somewhat unwisely, I'm sure) and take in the quiet around me while cars sped across the Panther Hollow Bridge above me. Panther Hollow is one of my favorite hidden Pittsburgh places - one that I wanted to share with my friend Carrie, so we took a bike ride from Bloomfield to Oakland and ventured down the steps through the woods to get into the Hollows below.

The Panther Hollow Bridge and Panther Hollow Lake.

Reflection of the Panther Hollow Bridge in the murky, swampy lake below.

Why, if it isn't a quaggle of ducks!

As much as the hills can be killer around the city, they do make for some great hidden spots like Panther Hollow. What are some of your favorite hidden Pittsburgh gems?


  1. Yeah, it's such a great place - and no one ever really knows about it.