Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Give to Pittsburgh: Day of Giving 2011

One of my favorite things about living in Pittsburgh is that the people you meet here who have also decided to call this wonderful city home are here for a reason. And that reason tends to be that they are here because they genuinely love Pittsburgh and find a sense of community here that may have alluded them elsewhere. At least, that's how I feel. Even on first cold fall morning, walking to Espresso a Mano for much needed caffeine served hot, I was greeted on the streets by people I've never met, but we all said hello and waved good morning, even as we saw our breath for the first time since much earlier in the year.

Today, October 4, 2011, is the Day of Giving. Through midnight tonight, your donations to specific nonprofit organizations of your choice made through PittsburghGives will be matched, giving even more support to people striving to make a difference throughout the city.

I plan on making donations to the following organizations today:

Because just about each and every day I find myself zipping through the city on two wheels. It's my main mode of transportation, and throughout the past year I've seen more and more people going by bike. Sure, Pittsburgh has tons of hills that kick your butt as you pedal up them, but it's an amazing form of exercise, which has kept me in shape and out of the gym for some time now. Also, I believe you can purchase a membership to BikePGH today and that counts as a donation. Something I've been meaning to do for a while.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Because libraries are an invaluable resource. Because my friends work there. Because when just about nothing these days is free, you can still go to the library and take out as many books as you want in any number of topics.

Animal Rescue League
Because I live with two crazy black cats and their weirdo behavior hasn't made me any less of an animal lover. In fact, it makes me more of one every day.

Friends of the Riverfont
Because riding the trails on the rivers has been a big part of my life throughout the past year. They helped me get ready for the long haul down to Cumberland. They help me clear my head and calm me down when I'm stressed. They're beautiful and fun and I hope they continue extending up and down the rivers, so rides can be longer and more adventuresome.

Donations must be made through the PittsburghGives website. And they're only matched through midnight tonight. Today is the day to help others who are striving to make Pittsburgh the best possible place to live (even though, in my opinion, it already is).

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