Thursday, October 13, 2011

Waiting Out the Rain: The Gallery Crawl, September 2011

It had been a long day. A long week. I felt like I had the headache that would never, ever go away. I was very close to telling my friend Allie that I was backing out of our plans to check out the Gallery Crawl a few Fridays back. But, as the end of the day neared, the rain wasn't stopping, and I didn't feel like biking home in the pouring rain. I figured, if nothing else, the crawl would keep me downtown a little longer to wait out the worst of the rain.

First we stopped into SPACE where many of the installations had a childlike quality to them. There were hanging toys, cozy little forts, and video-game like creations.

Our next stop was the gallery above Bricolage, where Canstruction was on display. My favorite was obviously the Pittsburgh skyline, but they were all pretty awesome. The Incline was a close second favorite.

We were about to head home; the weather had calmed down and instead of it being rainy and cold, it was just cold. But before we departed Downtown, we stopped into the Handmade Arcade set up to make some buttons. (Never underestimate my desire to make buttons.)

A skull button and a duck button for the road.

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