Monday, October 24, 2011

Kennywood's Open (For Terror and Fun)

Here is an equation: Halloween + Kennywood = Awesome.

Every October, Kennywood transforms from a bright and sunny amusement park into a spooky and spectacular haunted playground. Ghouls, zombies, and other terrifying beings traipse throughout the park, waiting for the perfect moment to scare the crap out of you. Pavilions and green spaces are turned into haunted houses. Walking through the smoke-filled tunnel to enter the park gets you ready to enter what seems like another world. You recognize Kennywood, but there's something unsettling about walking around the park in the near-dark with screams of terror in the background mixed with the joyous screams of someone experiencing the double-dip on the Jack Rabbit for the first time.

Mike and I made our way to Kennywood for Fright Nights on a beautiful Sunday night. The sky was already turning from redish-pink to black while we waited to buy tickets and enter the park. By the time we were in, dark had settled on the park and we were both ready to ride some coasters and experience a few frights.

Ski-lift going into the park.

The photo above is a fairly accurate representation of how creepy it was to walk around certain parts of the park. Creatures wandered through the smoke, and at times you couldn't tell if a creeper or a yinzer was stumbling toward you.

Noah's Ark transformed into a haunted pirate ship.

We ended our night by riding the Jack Rabbit.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but this one needs just one: FUN.

The news this year is that Kennywood is opening up during the holiday season for a Christmas light show. Normally I am not one to enjoy Christmas-themed things (Call me Scrooge if you want; I just prefer weird things like Halloween!), but this one could pull me in for a visit. It's hard to say no to Kennywood.


  1. You were sufficiently creeped out in the Freddy Krueger haunted house.

  2. Who wouldn't be creeped out by having to find their way through a creepy closet in the dark?