Wednesday, November 30, 2011

60 and Sunny at November's End: Biking to Deutschtown

When I saw the Thanksgiving weekend forecast, I almost jumped for joy. We'd been having the rainiest week. I'd already biked to or from work three times in a downpour. The chilly, "man I think this rain might actually be little ice chips" kinda rain. It was gross. And I was grumpy.

But 60 and sunny? That is something I am never grumpy about. That is perfect adventuring weather. And, so, on Friday afternoon, Carrie, Corey and I hopped on our bikes and made our way to the North Side. We got to the beginning of Deutschtown's business district and locked up our bikes, ready to explore some new streets.

Facts to Know about Deutschtown:
  • Its proper neighborhood name is "East Allegheny"
  • It's actually pronounced "Dutchtown" (wow, do I feel dumb...)

Deutschtown's main street, East Ohio, was pretty bustling for a holiday weekend afternoon. We were disappointed to find that the Park House wouldn't be opening until 6 p.m., as we had planned on eating there after our walk. But, we pushed onward and found some pretty great stuff.

In addition to t-shirts, I might have to start collecting awesomely artistic Pittsburgh postcards.

There were a string of photography shops crowded together on East Ohio. Apparently, the Museum of Photographic History is located in Deutschtown. This place sounds awesome, and definitely warrants a repeat trip to the neighborhood.

We crossed down onto a residential street to get a better feel for the neighborhood's residents and stumbled upon a gated garden across from a beautiful building with the label of Pittsburgh's Grand Hall.

The Grand Hall is a reception hall/event location that looks absolutely beautiful inside. I can't think of a better place for a reception than something called "Pittsburgh's Grand Hall."

Evidence of Pittsburgh's smoggy past: One house clean, one house still holding onto the grime.

I really, truly enjoy window decorations like these. They are so charming and honest.

Two very big and enthusiastic thumbs up for Priory Fine Pastries and the delicious treats we procured.

This cat. Pretty much the best.

When our adventures in Deutschtown were over, we got back on our bikes and coasted down W North Ave to the War Streets for beers and dinner at the Monterey Pub. More and more I'm convinced that in a few years I'm going to be ready to buy a home and the North Side is seriously looking better and better to me all the time. Which is crazy to think because I do love living in the East End, as it is very convenient to my current sensibilities. But, someday in the not-too-distant future, I am seriously going to start looking into real estate in the War Streets. And then start planning for the awesome front porch I absolutely must one day have.

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