Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This Republic of Letters: Touring the Carnegie Library, Vol. 2

Welcome to Vol. 2 of my tour of the Carnegie Library.

Support the Carnegie Library.

Today's tour starts off with one of the oddest vending machines I've ever come across. Need a post-it? Gotcha covered. Need some scotch tape? Not a problem.

The frescos on the walls of the library were mostly once covered up by walls. During subsequent renovations, they were rediscovered and restored and are now back on display.

A shot of the stacks in the music department. On the left are musical scores and sheet music. When I saw these, I had one of those "DUH" moments where I realized that OF COURSE the library would have something like this. If only I still had a working violin or any knowledge of how to play the piano.

Apparently there is a library employee who resembles the man in this bust.

The stairs in the library. Notice the wear and tear?
Think of how many people have walked down those stairs to have made such a noticeable mark in stone. How many times have you walked up or down them? To ensure that generations to come will be able to add to the warping, please go out and VOTE TODAY for the library.

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