Monday, November 14, 2011

Handmade Arcade 2011: Thank You!

During the two and a half weeks leading up to Handmade Arcade, I spent 95% of my waking hours (that weren't already being spent at my job) stitching. Deciding to participate in the annual indie craft market at the last minute was a big gamble, but - I'm thrilled to report - it paid off nicely!

Big thanks to my dad, who not only helped me get set-up, but hung out with me behind the table for the first three hours. He was adorable, and his support was and is always greatly appreciated.

Big thanks to Eric, who stopped by and sat with me for a while, and who also babysat the table while I ran outside for fresh air and Exedrin.

And thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth! And to anyone who might've found this blog as a result of stopping by.

I ended up selling OVER HALF of the inventory I have made. I'm going to keep tweaking and making things, and will continue to update the Etsy shop. So, if you're in need of any stocking stuffers (my dad loved selling the notebooks as stocking stuffers!), check out the pghpghyeah Etsy page.

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