Monday, August 15, 2011

Holy, Batman, Batman! - Pittsburgh as Gotham City

I get crazy passionate or obsessed with bits of pop culture, places, or people. Sometimes, things in my life work out, and these things I get crazy passionate and obsessed about join together to make an Uber-Allison Explosion of Awesome. (I should probably trademark that.) For example: Owen covers the Velvet Underground song "Femme Fatale," supposedly about Edie Sedgwick.

Right now, Batman (Christian Bale) is filming in the best place (Pittsburgh). Batman! Christian Bale! Pittsburgh! This is Uber-Allison Explosion of Awesome times about a billion.

They've finished filming in Oakland, though before they did, Corey and I took a bike ride down to the Mellon Institute, a.k.a. Gotham City Hall, to see what we could see. We didn't see too too much, but there was fake snow and we know we saw at least one shot. One thing we were sure we saw was Anne Hathaway being driven off set in a shiny black SUV. She had on sunglasses and was trying to hide her face. It was so very Hollywood. But in Pittsburgh. It's kinda cool.

But wait: there's more! My friends Corey, Carrie, Cunningham and I signed up to be extras for the Heinz Field scene, which required us to get there at 6:15 a.m. and stay in the hot sun until 7:30 p.m. In winter jackets. Yikes. But, a stroke of luck came our way when my dad, who works for Chrysler, was able to hook us and my brother up with VIP access to filming during the day. Basically, our deal was getting there at 8:15 a.m., sitting in an air-conditioned press box to watch filming, getting a free lunch, and being out of there by 2 p.m. On the surface, that was too good to pass up. But then, we got to do and see so so so much more.

Cunningham, me, Carrie, Corey, and my brother Jeff (can you see the family resemblance?).
Oh, yeah, we were nerds and made themed t-shirts.
(And another note: I never look short in photos. This is great!!)

We weren't allowed to keep these awesome passes after the day was over, but it was pretty great to receive one with my name on it. Why Magnus Rex? Apparently, Christopher Nolan gives his movies codenames based on his kid's names. His youngest son, Magnus, loves dinosaurs. Hopefully Mr. Nolan brought Magnus with him to Pittsburgh, because we love our dinosaurs too!

We technically weren't supposed to take any pictures, but these are way less harmful than anything they've shown on the local news.

After lunch, we went to check out the Chrysler cars on display and were going to catch a shuttle back to Market Square, but then we decided to take a chance and see if our handler from Warner Bros. could get us onto the field. Glad we asked, cause he could! He had a friend of his get us right onto the field, right as they were setting up the explosions all over the field and filming the crown reaction sequences. We were on Heinz Field! Never really thought I'd have the opportunity to do that.

Oh, and there is one awesome bit of info I should share: I WAS TEN FEET AWAY FROM CHRISTIAN BALE FOR 15 MINUTES. Granted, we were separated by a pane of glass (he was in one press box, I was in another), but he looked my way once and now that means we're married. (Right? That's what that means, right?) Afterward, I was shaking and giddy, because I am a person who gets crazy passionate and obsessed with bits of pop culture, places and people. In front of me was Christian Bale. In Pittsburgh. At Heinz Field. Batman. Patrick Bateman. Jack Kelly. Uber-Allison Explosion of Awesome times a billion. Indeed.

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