Friday, August 5, 2011

Taking a Break from the City: Kooser State Park

I will forever love living in the city. There is a part of me that could probably exist in a cabin in the woods. And that is why every now and then, I need to get out of the city and do something outdoorsy. I guess sometimes I just need that fix.

So, when I was invited to go to a lake for a morning/afternoon, I eagerly accepted.

It was our plan to get there early, swim/tan/read/relax on the beach. Make some veggie dogs and burgers. Get some ice cream on the way home. Most of these things happened. The grilling? Ehhhh, we still got the ice cream.

Corey, among the wildflowers.

After coming very close to dying in a head-on collison on a one-lane road through the park, we arrived at the lake. We were on the beach minutes later. It was hot. Mostly uncrowded. Super relaxing.

Currently reading Double Duce, a care package gift from a good friend who used to reside in Pittsburgh, but now calls Portland home.

After we failed in our grilling mission, we definitely needed ice cream to stand in for our lunch. Luckily, we had Dairy Mart on the way back. We ate soft serve on the side of the building where our friend Brian had his first ice cream cone when he was a small thing. We sat under a painted rainbow, in a small patch of shade, trying to beat the heat.

We got back to the city in the late afternoon. I waited for my friend from Boston to arrive. Lindsay pulled up with a huge smile on her face, and what I think amounted to four bags of comfort food groceries. She knows me too well. We hung out for a bit before grabbing Big Azz margaritas at Mad Mex with Corey and Carrie. I wasn't up for a crazy night, so we hung out on Corey's porch and talked as the sun went down over Friendship Park.

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