Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Like Hearts Are Coming Out of My Head - The Children's Museum

Some of my friends think I'm like the guy in Big. Tom Hanks's character. I can't comment, because I've never seen it. Though my friend Carrie tried to enthusiastically explain it to me once. This comparison is so very lost on me.

But, I guess in a way I am a kid in a late 20-something's body. I love goofy things. I love fun. I like being active and growing up seems like a really terrible idea. Tonight, in early August, my mouth dropped when I walked into Michaels and was greeted with so many Halloween decorations and goodies. I picked up three Halloween sticker books for $1 each. This basically made my day.

Okay, maybe I am the guy in Big.

So when we ran out of birds to see at the aviary, we crossed the street and found The Children's Museum. Now, I really dislike kids. I understand we need them to keep the human species alive, but I really don't understand them. But, because I'm just a kid in an adult body, I love things like The Children's Museum. I would learn any dry subject in the world if you make a game or toy out of it.

One of my favorite Pittsburgh facts is that Mr. Roger's Neighborhood was filmed here. So entering the museum and walking straight into a Mr. Roger's Neighborhood exhibit was pretty amazing.

Note to self: Do things and love things that will make me feel like hearts are coming out of my head. This is the best thing ever said. Ever.

This light exhibit was great. We had to wait for a bunch of kids to clear out, but once we did, we got to play around. Above is a shot of Lindsay and me. Below is a shot of me appearing to do an awesome congo line - all by myself.

The children's museum was definitely worth a visit. Probably won't need to go back for a while (like, maybe ever or until I find a child I need to do something with), but I'm really glad it's there. I like that kids in Pittsburgh have a place to go and have hearts come out of their heads.

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