Saturday, April 28, 2012

CONFETTI April 2012: Thank you!

The last couple years I lived in Boston, I frequented Great Scott on Friday nights for The Pill. Some of my most favorite nights in Boston belong to Great Scott and the great nights of dancing and staying up late eating pizza boats. Everyone tended to fall asleep over one another's houses on couches, recliners, air mattresses, etc. At first those sleepovers seemed impromptu and out of necessity. By the end, I think we all kind of expected to wake up disoriented and in need of breakfast from any of our favorite nearby spots.  (Zaftig's and Breakfast Club are the immediate ones that pop into my mind.)

Nowadays, I spend fewer mornings waking up in someone else's living room, but I try to keep up with the great nights of dancing. When I moved back, I sought a dance night similar to what The Pill so perfectly offered, but nothing stuck. I complained to my friend Mike about this and discussed the possibility of trying to start up a dance night together. After a couple (very nervous (for me)) times DJing downstairs at Brillobox on Friday nights, we were offered an opportunity to host a dance night the fourth Thursday of every even numbered month. February was the first official CONFETTI dance party, and this past Thursday was our second one. Here are a few pics from the evening:

Blurry people dancing at CONFETTI // Mike playing tunes with a little help from Bob Saget

Why yes - we did show The Mighty Ducks on the screen behind us // Our agenda for the night; I did not play 45 minutes of Genesis - promise.

Thank you to everyone who came out on a Thursday to have some fun with me and my cousin Mike. We look forward to our next one in June!


  1. I'm warning you in advance re: June.

  2. Wait what exactly am I being warned about?

  3. Summer = minimal responsibility for the Doctor.