Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pens Stanley Cup Playoffs 2012: v. Flyers, Game 3


That was kinda brutal. And embarrassing. Let's not talk about it. I watched with friends at my apartment. There were chips, cookies, pretzels, and Pizza Hut.

It was an absolutely gorgeous evening. So, for a pick-us-up treat, Corey, Carrie and I rode our bikes to Walnut Street for a delicious helping of gelato from Mercurio's. Afterward, I wanted to get some more miles in, so I rode through to Oakland and went across the Panther Hollow Bridge. That's one of my favorite places at sunset, so it was nice to catch one to to wrap up the week.

I stopped at the corner of Dawson and the Boulevard - my ol' stomping grounds - and caught a glimpse of that beautiful skyline. So we lost another. There's always the possibility of turning it around?

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