Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Saturday Morning in Lawrenceville: Awesome Signs April 2012

Lawrenceville, though I find myself frequently there, is still somewhat of a mystery to me. I know the things that are along the main drags, but I haven't thoroughly explored the numbered streets and alleyways. So after dining on the world's largest (and possibly tastiest) rice krispie treat for breakfast, Allie and I wandered toward Upper Lawrenceville by taking unfamiliar routes, which produced some charming discoveries. Here are the signs that caught my eye and found their way onto my computer.

Here's a thing we may not have discussed yet: my love of moose and my desire to meet a moose in the wild. This has yet to happen. The closest I've come was when Rob found a dead moose (That I'm still kinda convinced was actually a dead caribou; regardless, it did not have antlers and I feel cheated by the whole experience, especially when you consider how gosh-darn frequently I find myself in Canada. One day.) on the side of the highway outside of Regina, Saskatchewan. So, when we turned down off Butler toward a nursery (that said it was open, but we couldn't find a way in) and found this MOOSE BUILDING, I was thrilled.

I'm keeping this place in mind for my 30th birthday party. That's not until 2013, but a girl has got to plan a Halloween party in June well in advance.

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