Monday, April 9, 2012

A Saturday Morning in Lawrenceville: Down by the River

Sometimes, the best cure for a hangover is to get up as early as possible and get outside and soak up all the fresh air. Especially if the fresh air is accompanied by an Espresso a Mano latte and a (seriously ginormous) rice krispie treat from Dozen. Allie and I took our goodies and walked all the way down to the river in Lawrenceville. We sat under the train tracks and recounted the events of our nights and then we explored the seemingly forgotten area.

I know the alternative, staying in bed until 11, would have probably been better for my physical health, but my mental health required a little adventure. We wandered back up to Butler and headed up toward 51st Street to check out a couple vintage places. Along the way I snapped photos of graffiti, street art, and signs. Those I'll share over the coming days, so come back for more!

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