Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Evening at the Museum: April 2012

I bought myself a membership to the Carnegie Museums at the beginning of 2012. So of course I haven't used it at all yet. Realizing that one day while biking past the Art and Natural History museums, I decided to make an effort to go as soon as possible. (As well as more often.)

One of the first treats I encountered on my visit was a display of art from 5th and 6th graders around the area. That's where I found Justin's Paranormal Records and Investigations. (Which I absolutely loved.)

Here is a lovely room.

Woah! It's a tiny room! (Speaking of "tiny," I'm writing this while watching Tiny Furniture and, holy crap, I hate this movie. Sorry, I know she is so cool right now, but ugh, this is unbearable.)

One of the main exhibits was Maya Lin. I loved the combination of geography and sculpture. The photo above is from her outline of our three rivers made with pins.

Maya Lin runs through May 13.

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