Monday, April 2, 2012

Sad Little Dead Computer

Friends! The ultimate trauma that I have been dreading has finally happened. My trusty computer crapped out. Not completely (which is the good news), but it needs to go away to the computer fixer geniuses for about a week (which is the bad news). My dad has loaned me a laptop, but it's only real function is to provide me with a link to the internet. I've got nothing to edit photos with, so until the ol' gal is back in working order, this blog might be a little visually dull. (Blogger is being crazy; I have no idea why this is centered!)

Which is a shame, because this month has already had it's share of picture-worthy moments. So, hold those thoughts and bear with me as I get through this very bleak time.

I will tell you that I am working on logging all the new things I do in April. They will be revealed closer to the end of the month. April also holds several very awesome events; the 28th is literally morning/afternoon/evening/night/late-night jam-packed with very different/Pittsburgh-esque events. Go out and enjoy this lovely weather.

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