Wednesday, August 15, 2012

30 Before 30: Exploring Carrie Furnace

Last Wednesday, Carrie, Corey and I took a bike ride out to the Carrie Furnace with some other cyclist adventurers. The group ride was part of BikeFest, which there are still plenty of awesome rides to do before it ends on August 19! (Like the Underwear Ride, which is tomorrow and which I am still trying to work up the courage to do.) This post will mostly be a photo-dump of the ride and the tour of Carrie Furnace. This was a seriously awesome event, so thank you to the organizers for giving me a chance to cross off another of my 30 Before 30 goals!

The ride started out at the Pump House at the Waterfront.

Away we go!

The weather? Perfect. 

Once we got to the site, ZeroFossil, who is working to outfit the Carrie Furnace with solar panels for sustainable energy, had a bike set up to power the blender that made us some tasty margaritas. Here I am giving it a go, but the seat was just a bit too high for me.

Because the thing you want to do before you walk around a dangerous and unstable site like the Carrie Furnace is drink some alcohol. Cheers!

This place was more massive than I ever imagined.

There was so much good graffiti.

Guerilla artists built this deer head at the site using materials found on site. This thing reminds me of the Enchanted Highway sculptures in North Dakota.

After the tour, we biked back to the Waterfront and had beers and food at Blue Dust in Homestead. It was an awesome night of biking, adventuring, and meeting new people. BikeFest has been filled with opportunities to do awesome things and meet awesome people; go out and ride around before it's over!


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