Monday, August 20, 2012

I've Been Biking: Pedal for Pennies Update

July was a tough month for biking. Well, for my biking. Between a slightly busted knee from a pretty awesome slide into home plate during a softball game (I was safe!) and then an evil poison ivy monster attacked my legs. July 2012 was supposed be a month full of bike rides, but instead I sat on a couch with calamine lotion and ice bags covering my legs. (Thank goodness the poison ivy occurred at the same time as the Olympics. Lots of itchy sleepless nights were entertaining thanks to them. Including watching the men's single's badminton gold medal game. I'm not being facetious in the slightest when I say that it was one of the most thrilling sporting events I've ever witnessed.)

The point is that I didn't hardly bike in July 2012. In fact, when you look at all the miles broken down by month, July follows behind January and then February as the least miles biked. Sad! It's okay though, I've been compensating over the past couple weeks. I had a goal in mind, and when I got officially "in reach" of that I went for it. My goal was to breach the 500-miles-to-go mark, and after a mega-long ride on Saturday (48 miles!) I was there after a couple quick trips to friends' houses or work.

So, sitting here now, I've got 488 miles to go before I reach 3,000 on the year. When I came up with this project, I hesitated when I made the goal 3,000 because I wasn't sure if it was attainable. I wanted to challenge myself, but I didn't want to outright fail. But now with the end in sight, I'm going to crush 3,000 miles! That's how far it is across Canada! (Which is probably going to be my next great undertaking, but not for a few years.)

With the pledges and donations that have already committed, Pedal for Pennies has raised $1,958!

That's so awesome! If you're one of the awesome peeps who has pledged or donated, you seriously rock. Thank you!

If you want to make a pledge or donation, visit the pledge page.

I'm already dreaming of the bottle of champagne I'm going to pop when I pedal past mile 3,000. I can't  hardly wait.


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