Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's Drink to Wigle: Wigle Whiskey's Inaugural Tar & Feather Party

You wanna know what's an excellent thing to do on a beautiful late-August Friday right after getting done with work (for the week!)? Having some whiskey. What makes that even excellenter? Having those whiskey drinks made for you by Wigle Whiskey. At the Inaugural "Let's Get Tarred and Feathered" event, there were three whiskey drinks available for the tasting. I drank a few lemonade whiskeys and a few extremely tasty pomegranate whiskey drinks.  

Unlike the Food Truck event from several weeks ago, there was tons of space in the Wigle parking lot, which made nice to hang around with friends. For a while we sat on the ground snacking on pierogies (from the PGHPierogiTruck) and soups (from Soup Nancys). (Excuse the black and white photos. My phone's camera is somehow dead. Getting that taken care of this week, I hope.)

Kate and Zack, snacking on some pierogies and haluski. 
Different nonprofit organizations interpreted "tar and feathering" in various ways. Upon entry to the event, everyone received a feather to use as a vote for your favorite. Coming back from the bar, I got involved in Attack Theater's interpretation, which involved a lot of spinning around in a tight circle. It was fun, but I was dizzy as hell. Which is a good way to feel before you start on your second whiskey drink. I think someone got a picture of me doing this, but it's probably better that doesn't surface.

Here's what Attack Theater's tar and feather interpretation looked like, without me in it.

This was a really great event. I've talked about it with a few friends who were there, and everyone agreed that this was a really great way to spend a Friday evening. I should get getting back to Wigle soon for a tour; I'm taking my dad there as part of his Father's Day present. The same day as this party, Essential Pittsburgh aired a segment with highlights from the Wigle Whiskey tour. Listen to that while surfing through the Wigle site, which is really fun and will make you wish it were 2013 so that the aged stuff is ready.

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