Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stroll the Cemetery: Summer 2012

Residing so close to the Allegheny Cemetery is a really wonderful thing. It's such a quiet place, and a semi-haunting place, to walk through. After our walk through of the Frick grounds, Allie and I parted after checking out a couple shops on Butler. Instead of walking back up the hill to Bloomfield through Lawrenceville, I took a leisurely stroll through the cemetery to Penn Ave. I'm going to make an effort to visit the cemetery each season coming up, to gather a collection of photos showing this beautiful place in its different states. Here is the summer series. (Sadly, they are a bit crappy because of that dead damn cellphone camera. Oh well.)

I have a weird fascination with graves that contain my name.

Downtown peeking through the cemetery trees.

The pyramid boobs. Best mausoleum, ever.
Doing a little clicking around on the Allegheny Cemetery website, I've learned that the cemetery has an app for Android phones loaded with tours. I'm downloading it now so I can test it out next time I find myself strolling the cemetery.

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